One of the things that blows me away with every project & business is the pure volume of choices to be made.

To help you through this here are my go-to businesses, services & more.

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A quick legal bit – some of these have “affiliate links.” Basically this means if you click through & buy it won’t cost you more but I’ll receive a nominal amount. Everything on this page is something I use & have not been paid to do so.

Beth supported me with getting a handle on multiple ideas & strategies for taking my business forwards, showing me tools & structures to pull it all together. Beth has many skills & experiences – I honestly think she’d have a technique up her sleeve for every single component of running & promoting yourself or your business! 
Cat Archer Underwood

Founder, Coho Digital

Visibility & Organisation

From quick social media posts to creating entire websites, running email to turning strategy into organised reality these are my go-to tools. vs .org – an ongoing debate! For me having a ‘team’ who look after security updates etc. worth every penny.  You will definitely want a builder though!

After trying webmail, outlook & more,  this is the one. Everything in one spot & having your domain in the email makes a difference.

Divi theme & builder from Elegant Themes – an awesome builder that helps you create beautiful spaces. Not as simple as some but still super easy.  It gives so much opportunity.

Brilliant tool where I create most images for social media & this site! There is a free option which is a great starting point.

Lots of domain sites out there with not too much between them. A fan of how clean the process is with Hover. Also these guys are super helpful & have a great chat support.

Asana is another strong option, along with many others but for pure flexiblity this has become a solid favourite for me.

Office & Out & About

Whether it’s coming up with ideas, mapping things out, going live & more, after several product returns, these have become my favourites.

Right after Post It notes a whiteboard must be my favourite & most used non-tech business item. This one I use for moving aroud the house.

Super handy stand for when you’re out & about & want to go live. It’s light & fits in even little handbags.

After using the internal camera on my laptop this was a revelation! Not saying this is the best, but I love it. Most lives filmed at home are recorded on this. 

This one still shrinks down well. It also gives a bit more height & variety. Personally, I use a combo. 

So, you’ve heard my whiteboard love… If you have the space this magnetic whiteboard gives the perfect creative space – it totally makes my office!

Portable, affordable & easy to use. After much hunting this little speaker does the job.

Efficiency & Looking After You

It’s not just about sorting your business. Without you, your business doesn’t work. Your time & energy is precious so make sure you’re spending it in the best places. Here are a few ideas…

Remember – this is a marathon not a sprint!!

“Hi, I’m Beth, & I’m an Uber addict.” Sometimes there’s just not time or inclination for public transport or driving – is that just me?

I can’t vouch for the rest of their services but they’re great at bedding. A good night’s sleep will keep you going when you’re sure you’re done.

Food & all the house stuff you need that you can order at any time & magically arrives at your front door – I’d never go back.

Tea & beer are fantastic but sometimes a glass of red at the end of the day is the only option!

You may still be sat at your desk or maybe just can’t face cooking right now. Either way don’t forget to eat on this amazing journey!

This one really isn’t much of a secret any more but Amazon Prime is still amazingly handy when you’re doing 101 things.

Other important things…

Accounting & taxes. The one thing I totally outsource & have no regrets. This team do the work & worry so I don’t have to.

So there you have it! A true sneak peak into lots of tools & systems I use.

Now, having them is one thing, knowing how to use them is another.

If you want any help with that just click here.

Got your own you’d like to share? Well, why not come on over into my free group, Laptop Nomads, & let us know there!

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