Time to ditch the Resolutions

The New Year is well and truly here. As if by clockwork we’re now blasted from every direction. You can’t turn on the TV, flick through a paper or scroll down Facebook without seeing:

  • ‘New Year, New You’
  • You don’t need a ‘New You’
  • Start something
  • Stop something
  • Commit to everything
  • Commit to nothing

Or my favourite, and an especially popular one this year; what’s your word for the year?

I want to mention, before the flurry of messages come in telling why these are so useful important, I do believe all these have their place. You can see significant change in your health, wealth, life and general being from doing the things these posts suggest. I have used variations of these with more and less success over the years and I do have some in mind for this year.

This year I am setting goals and making intentions, as are my clients. Dependent on which flurry of social media posts, TV programming or friendly questioning is happening at the time it’s easy for concern to creep in that that those goals are not enough, or too much.

Whether you have goals or resolutions or have decided to have neither, it’s important to remain resolute. You made that decision for a reason. Stand by that decision now in spite of what Facebook tells you.

Remember, you are enough, so it only makes sense that the decisions and commitments you choose will be too.

You don’t need a billion resolutions, or a single word, or to stop something.

You just need to choose if you made the right choice for you and those your hold closest, then go from there.

Remember you made that choice for a reason and don’t let the wind of other’s words sway you.

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Keep dreaming and doing.

Speak again soon,


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