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Episode 14:

Let’s Talk Redundancy: The 5 Stages of Job Loss with Rebecca Daniel

by | Feb 15, 2021

When the UK faced its first lockdown in March young people were the most likely to lose their job, with the youth unemployment rate rising to 13.1%.

In this episode, the second of our ‘Let’s Talk: Redundancy’ interview series, we sat down to talk with 25-year-old Marine Biologist, Rebecca Daniel. 

Rebecca was part of this young cohort hit hard by the pandemic and was made redundant early on in her professional journey.

After curling up to watch Netflix in bed and toasting to her redundancy with prosecco, Rebecca set out her next steps…

Join us as we talk through Rebecca’s journey, covering:

      • The importance of giving yourself time.
      • Being as pragmatic as possible.
      • Asking for help from others (Support Circles will help you with this).
      • Considering your offers, and making sure roles are the right fit for you.

Want to focus on the 5 big takeaways from Rebecca’s story? Download the Podcast on a Page for this episode:


(07.25) The Dream Job.
(09.35) 5 Stages of Grief.
(15:37) Reaching Out.
(17:15) Help and Kindness.
(18:44) The Guidance Out There.
(24:15) Friends & Family.
(32:10) Taking time.


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Rebecca Daniel

Welcome to Rebecca!

Rebecca is the Director of a marine science communication non-profit, The Marine Diaries. She leads a strong team of over 35 volunteers. A scientist by nature, and ocean fanatic by heart, she also studied Biological Sciences and Tropical Marine Biology.


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