Hey, I’m Beth!

I’m dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.

I work with super smart entrepreneurs to ditch paralysis by analysis.

Let’s clear the path, set a solution and learn needed skills now.

Connection is your Key!

I believe you need to be connected.

Connected with your audience, your business, your career, your peers, your dreams & most importantly you.

From working in Walt Disney World, to consulting for medical centres.

From a highly successful corporate career featuring awards, global projects, & creating life changing experiences to teaching Non-Profits.

These have all made me certain of one thing.

You need to be connected.

Ready to jump in?

Connection is queen of all things across life & business.

Connections are the only solution that can make everything fit.

Not just the big stuff like your vision & strategy. It’s your tech, your systems,  communicating with the people who you’re trying to talk to & more.

That quiet niggley feeling you have (or maybe it’s pretty loud) that something isn’t right.

It’ll be down to a broken connection.

My passion is helping you build or re-establish those.

What is an Entrepreneur anyway?


Sat there thinking “that’s all great but I’m not an entrepreneur“?

Fair enough, truth be told, not that many years ago that would have been me too.

Here’s the reality – there are a lot of definitions out there.

Fundamentally, if you’re constantly seeking & providing solutions, you’re probably an entrepreneur!

Charities, Non-Profits & Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship doesn’t just begin & end in business either. There’s a whole world out there.

Charities & Non-Profits – I’ve got your back!

Everything on this site is for you too.

There’s even a membership & courses created exclusively for your needs.

Beth supported me with getting a handle on multiple ideas & strategies for taking my business forwards.

She has many skills & experiences – I honestly think she’d have a technique up her sleeve for every single component of running & promoting yourself or your business!

Beth is truly a lovely lady with multiple skills in business, operations, content creation & visibility – but more than this, she really does care about you & wants to see you succeed.

~ Cat Archer Underwood ~

 Winchester, UK

~The Brandologist~

Beth has an outstanding ability to dig deeper to the heart of the matter, without it feeling intrusive or at all judgemental.

She would not try to give me all the answers, but instead encouraged me to think about what is important to me, what changes I could make for myself, and to think more broadly about the skills I needed to improve my small business.

Since our year working together, my business has expanded rapidly – Beth helped me to realise what I want in life, and to find the confidence in myself that I could achieve it!

~ Sammy ~

London, UK

I instantly felt so calm and reassured by Beth’s relaxed and warm character.

Beth generously helped me to get started on my venture with Facebook Live videos and she has always offered such positive encouragement and great advice.

This has enabled me to get comfortable doing lives surprisingly quickly.

I am very grateful to Beth for all her support and it’s been such a pleasure to connect with her.

~ Michelle Egan ~

Melbourne, Australia


An exclusive membership space for

Charities & Non-Profits.

Focused on helping you save & earn,

so you can focus on service & support. 

Highly limited spots for Founding Beta Members.

A selection of those worked with…

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