Episode 7:

How to Respond to Negative Facebook Comments in 5 Easy Steps

by | Oct 22, 2019

You’ve put your heart into writing and posting the perfect content to share with your audience on your Facebook page. You know this will help them and you see the positive comments roll in, then, there it is - that one bad post. That one negative comment on Social Media that has the power to leave you feeling lost, destroyed and with no idea how to respond or react.

Don’t worry, in this episode I’m going to take you through exactly how to handle that situation all in just 5 easy steps.

We will cover:

  • The power of the pause
  • Remembering who this is about
  • How to explore the options you have 
  • Exactly how to respond
  • Recognising the benefits of what feels like a nightmare 

By the end you will be confident and have a solid plan to walkthrough when that negative posts do appear on your page. These are steps that have been tried and tested on my page and with my clients but also the big names I’ve worked with in the past.

When you need them, follow these steps and remember, you’ve got this! Negative comments will not stop you from being a Dreamer and a Doer.

Want a copy of these steps that you can print out and keep to hand just in case you need them? Click here.


  • (4:35) Don’t let the self-talk win.
  • (5:18) It’s not about you!
  • (9:54) What is right for you and your organisation.
  • (16:22) This is how to treat them.
  • (17:10) Be clear, be concise, be kind.



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