Have you…

Ever felt like everything you worked so hard for no longer fits or makes you happy?

Or you have an amazing idea but everyone looks at you like you’re slightly crazy?

Or you want to help people & live a life you love, but not feel greedy?

Or you want to do big things but you’re not quite sure how?

Or maybe you have a slightly unhealthy love of stationery & Disney…

If so, then we are going to get along just fine!

How did this all get started?

Great question & one I get asked a lot.

I was living what was my dream.

For as long as I can remember I loved Disney. My best friend & I watched Beauty & the Beast so many times we actually wore out the tape! It even featured in my degree (more on that later…)

Growing up in a tiny village in England working for Disney seemed unimaginable. Wow, when I was little even going to a Disney park seemed inconceivable!

Yet, jump ahead and I found a way to not only work for them but live in Walt Disney World too! This led to over 10 incredible years working across the entire company and around the world.

Yes – the dream company, a stellar reputation, working with amazing friends, I’d scored the long-awaited project that took me to the ‘top floor’, opportunity to travel, my own flat in London renovated by my fair hands, friends all over the world, a shiny car & a job where I hit the red carpet occasionally.

Sounds like it should’ve been perfect…

The moment everything changed

Then, at Los Angeles airport, I had a reality shock. It hit like a ton of bricks. I realised I was no longer living my dream or the life I wanted.

Worse, it had been that way for I while, I’d been taking it out on others without realising it & I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

That photo? That’s the moment that everything changed. Sipping on bubbles in an upper-class lounge after a weekend in LA I stepped out of denial & made a choice that my life was going to change.

It was a while before actually setting out on my own, but there & then a choice had been made. On the spot I ordered a whiteboard (thanks Amazon!) & evenings started to be spent mapping out potential businesses.

This is the point where you think I’ll say about how I bravely took the step out & built an amazing business? Nope. There was plenty of self-doubt, to-ing and fro-ing & far too much  to fit in here. Eventually though, yes, it happened.  

Why am I sharing? Those moments aren’t always so immediate, but when they are capture them. It’s astounding when you look back!

At this point I didn’t know what the future would look like, but I did know that I needed something different.

The twist in the story…

At my Disney leaving do everyone supported that consulting was a great way to go for me with my skills & personality.  I set up my first company Delivering Difference Ltd. Taking everything I’d learnt I set out to help companies through focusing on two core areas: people & processes.

On day one of registering the company I had my first client! Over a couple of months we turned that client’s business around & took them from the brink of closure to rave reviews & very happy auditors.

Other clients were appearing & on paper & in the bank my business was an amazing success.

The opportunities seemed endless, & overwhelming. The difference for clients was tangible but I had a nagging feeling of still wanting to help on a more personal level.

When in doubt I return to the details. Look at the big picture, dive into the data and ask a LOT of questions – What do we know? What could it be? What are the trends? What could we change?

Looking across my business, back through my career & life I identified the moments that were most loved & I felt most alive.

The moments I was surrounded by individuals with amazing passion & vision was when I could be of most service.

Those who really wanted something, for others or themselves.

It was when I was connected with people who had a drive to create.

Helping them to make connections with themselves, their audience or their business. Showing them how to join the dots and build their vision. Taking something complex and breaking it down to actionable chunks. Getting under the surface to reach the core. Turning those ideas and dreams into reality.

Craving Connections was born.

I see & share with you how to:

~ join the dots

~ ask the right questions to help you make the connections

~ get under the surface & reach the core

~ take something complex & break it down to make it easily understandable

Yes, partly that’s just me, the rest is from years of learning & doing exactly these things.

I used to do that across my teams & projects at Disney & beyond. Now I use these to help you move forward.

Decency, Quality, Storytelling, Innovation, Optimism, Community & FUN!

For years I’ve trained, created content, built teams, developed solutions, transformed business areas, struck deals, made critical decisions on crisis management teams, launched experiences that continue to make memories and show up on social media around the world, mentored and so much more using these.

These values became not only those of the company but my own foundation.

Though I’ve moved on from The Walt Disney Company these values are ingrained into me, & therefore my business.

If one of these values starts to slip, & it’s normally fun whilst I’m trying to over achieve (I know you understand what I mean), I can tell & return to recheck everything.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

~ Roy Disney ~

It’s all about the Spirit!

Encouraging & equipping you for success are my favourite things.

Seeing the results you achieve is everything & any recognition is unexpected & icing on the cake!

At The Walt Disney Company The Disney Spirit Award goes to 1% of the company.

It’s nominated & selected by peers & executives recognising those who display dedication, enthusiasm, stability, cheerfulness, motivation, imagination, courtesy, reliability, dependability, discipline, unselfishness & consideration for others.

Receiving this award was a great privilege & I honour it still today by continuing to embody these qualities.

Does money matter?

This is something I need you to remember; big companies don’t always mean big budgets. Even handling multi-million dollar contracts doesn’t stop some projects having no budget, or the scope changing last minute.

I remember this one time leading a Blue Sky session to define the future of what service looked like with a handpicked global team. Everything was on track for a global meet, just as, you guessed it, budget cut, delivery still required!

Needless to say I found a way. That’s a story for another day. The thing is, there is always a way.

Whether it’s a massive company, a small team or you alone, there will always be a way.

From recruiting & training international teams of over 100 people to coaching single person start ups.

From performing in Notre Dame to mapping out customer journey’s for new Disney Experiences.

From presenting in Milan to creating process documentation for global retailers.

From consulting to save a Medical Centre to leading Tea Tastings for Twinings.

From leading Global Projects to getting local charities set up with Gift Aid.

From creating presentations for CEOs to help pages for customers.

From brand management to crisis management in Disney.

From building operational structures & tech solutions hanging out daily with Tigger.

My journey has always been one of contrasts. All these may seem disconnected but they have one thing in common – creating connections. It’s been my passion & I love how it helps working with clients today.

“Beth has a level of poise & professionalism that I aspire to. She is focused, driven, supportive & we had a lot of fun along the way as well. If you have the opportunity to work with Beth, I strongly encourage you to take it!”

~ Katie Ross ~

Kelowna, Canada

“We just clicked. Beth is awesome, smart, funny, informative,  & knowledgeable. She gave me awesome advice on FB lives, about content, where to look & lighting. My fav thing was that she totally allowed for me to be me-she gave me advice & guided me, but was not about changing me, who I am & my message. ”

~ Lin Satori ~


  • Structured vs. Creative
  • Data Driven Decisions vs. Trust your Gut
  • Strategic Skills vs. Tactical Know How
  • Proper Planning vs. Inspired Action
  • Defined Processes vs. Hope for the Best
  • Bubbles on a Rooftop vs. Beers in the Garden
  • Getting Results

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